Benign breast disease

Excisional biopsy

Excision biopsy of breast lesion. This is usually coupled with hookwire localization to allow excision of targeted lesion. This is usually performed when core biopsy does not allow adequate diagnosis and a larger sample is required for further assessment.

Excision of breast lesions

Surgery involving excision of lesion (usually palpable). This allow complete excision of tumour to be assessed by pathologist to ensure diagnosis.

Gynecomastia surgery/subcutaneous mastectomy

Removal of excessive breast tissue in males. Male breast could occur at any age. It could be symptomatic. Multiple physiological or pathological causes may result in gynaecomastia which includes hormonal imbalance, obesity, diseases (ie- liver disease, testicular cancer and etc), medication (prescription or recreational drug). Not all gynecomastia requires surgery.

Breast reduction surgery

Removal of excessive skin, breast fat and glandular tissue in patients with symptomatic large breast which are fully developed. Large breast could lead to health and emotional impact.